dimarts, 19 d’octubre de 2010

Lundgaard & Tranberg - Lundehaven Elder Centre

The project is located on an irregular site on the west side of Skovlunde Square and consists of 48 elder care single living units with a therapy and personnel facilities, as well as 19 elder apartments.
The centre is a U-formed volume, while the apartments are two freestanding clusters – collected in a complete three-storey composition encircling an inner courtyard.
The main building is arranged with service and personnel facilities located at ground level, while the living units are located above, placed in 6 groups of 8 units organized around shared spaces and facilities. The inter-connected circulation spaces are generous and filled with light, with views of the green courtyard.
The facades are of coal-fired brick, cedar siding, and glass partitions with profiles of oiled Siberian larch.
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