dimarts, 23 de novembre de 2010

Shantou University Library Art Competition

Shantou University Library Art Competition

"Confluence - Across Cultural Boundaries", an international student art competition hosted by the Shantou University Library Art Competition Organizing Committee, is now open for entry!

With the objectives of enhancing the beauty of architectural space and academic atmosphere of the 20,000-sq-m Shantou University Library through art form, this competition aims at soliciting creative artworks that are both aesthetically inspiring and meaningfulness from students around the world.
Two winners will be granted a cash scholarship of HK$150,000 and a maximum HK$300,000 production sponsorship for the production of the art work which will be exhibited permanently at the Library. It is a valuable opportunity for art students to bring their talent into full play and a wonderful platform for them to showcase their creativity. 
The deadline for entries is 16 January 2011 (Sunday).

Please also visit www.stu-art-competition.info for further information.

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