dijous, 23 de setembre de 2010

"Meeting Spaces, Common Places" Toni Gironès

Through a brief review of some of his most significant works –including the Barcino Tennis club pergola and terrace, the project for the Vilassar de Dalt Roman ovens archeological site, the Weyler housing block in Badalona and the ongoing Environmental and Climate Museum in Lleida– Toni Gironès addressed what he considers the fundamental challenge in urban contexts: finding ways to relate to the environment. Echoes from the past two Open Lectures resonated as Gironès spoke of the need to distance himself from the spectacle and the iconic saturation of contemporary architectural production, in order to focus on seeking out spaces of encounter (intermediate spaces) between nature and artifice. His projects were presented as shared spaces between urban life and nature, between large and small scales, between past and present. The lecture ended with a round of photographs that documented the ultimate encounter: projects as they are lived.


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