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Peter Zumthor | Serpentine Pavilion

A few days before Jean Nouvel’s Serpentine Pavilion is closed and dismantled, AJ has leaked the nameof the architect selected to design the 2011 Pavilion: Priztker-laureate Peter Zumthor.
AJ reports that “It is understood Zumthor has been in the frame for the pavilion for some time and initial proposals resemble ‘a big concrete block with a garden in it’ – though the design is expected to evolve over the coming months.”
Currently Zumthor is still working on his first project in the UK, A Secular Retreat, part of the Living Architecture initiative.
We are very curious about what will Zumthor do for the Serpentine Gallery. As usual, we’ll keep you updated as more details are revealed.
Font: ArchDaily

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