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Meelfabriek - Peter Zumthor

Uno de los proyectos de Zumthor del que hemos hablado muchas veces en clase (parecido al concurso que hizo en Lucerna link1, link2). Un proyecto que comprende una manzana entera de usos mixtos entre los que se encuentra la vivienda.
Student Housing
The Western part of the Meelfabriek complex facing Waardgracht is dedicated to around 50 apartments for students and managed by SLS Wonen.

The apartments are distributed across 8 different buildings of 3 and 4 storeys which respect the scale of the adjacent neighbourhood. Together, the buildings give a frame to the West and North sides of the new Meelfabriek Park. The volumes of the buildings are cut to create various entrance courtyards, which open both to the centre of the park and to the street as well as gardens which open only inward to the park.

The apartments are organised to the left and right of a central staircase, and are glazed on three sides. In this way each apartments has the form of a big bay window which looks either to the park or to the street. There is a deep and low ledge on the inside that accompanies the glazed facade strip, providing intimacy. All apartments profit from their proximity to the surrounding trees.

Dos fotos de las increibles maquetas del Atelier Zumthor en el proyecto de las viviendas.
Como ya hemos comentado en clase alguna vez, a un modo de proyectar le corresponde un modo de dibujar, maquetar y trabajar. Zumthor lleva trabajando en este proyecto hace unos 8 años.

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  1. Muy interesante el dibujo del emplazamiento, el uso del color, de la trama fotográfica.... JB